Poor risk management
can make you dizzy

At SpreadDoctor we help MetaTrader brokers maximise their profit and minimise their risk
using machine learning to connect the dots.

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More Profit. Less Risk.

SpreadDoctor puts MT4 Brokers back in control with the best of both worlds; increased profit and reduced risk.

Risk Management

By predicting client PNL ahead of time we can get the right accounts on the right execution venue when it matters.

Position Keeper

Receive alerts and visualise your intraday PNL and exposure in real-time. Our Position Keeper is 1/10th the cost of others on the market.


We can help find the best liquidity, delivery bespoke requirements and introduce you to the right people in the industry.

Churn Predictions

Prevent valued clients from leaving. We alert you to accounts likely to withdraw or turn inactive ahead of time, so you can retain them.

Risk Management

Prediction, not Reaction

Stop reacting to client losses after the fact. We use deep learning to predict your client PNL and recommend the optimal execution venue ahead of time.

Increase PNL by 39% on average

By getting your clients on the right execution venue we can lift your PNL considerably. With a back test we can tell you exactly how much.

Reduce Value at Risk by 41% on average

Get the best of both worlds: increase revenue and reduced risk. We can achieve this by utilising both execution venues at the right time.

Manage the whole book

All the way from the largest to the smallest, our algorithms analyse every account every day. No more waiting for the risk team to manually analyse only the top accounts.

Position Keeper

Realtime Risk

Don't pay top dollar. Our Position Keeper is lightweight and lightning fast at 1/10th the price of other providers.

Visualise your intraday PNL and Exposure

Seeing is believing. By visualising your intraday PNL and exposure, you can quickly identify situations that need to be managed.

Trigger Alerts

You no longer need to be at your desk glued to your machine. By setting key thresholds in your Position Keeper you will know about critical moves as they happen.

Reduce your costs

Keeping technology costs low is critical. By using the cloud and open source we are able to keep our costs low and we pass these savings on to you.


Learn how much you stand to profit from using our risk management platform using your trade data.