Churn Predictions

By knowing which clients are likely to become inactive or withdraw, your retentions team can act quickly to save the day.

Better retention in four easy steps.

Go Live in as little as one week.

Initial Video Call

A short video to introduce our solution and to understand your pain-points and requirements.

MT4 Manager Access

Once you provide access to your data we will run our models over your data and send the predictions to the platform.


We will walk you through the numbers so you know how much trust can be put in the predictions.

Go Live

Your retentions team can now actively use the predicitons by logging into the platform.

Churn Detection.

Bring your customer acquistion costs down by holding on to your customers.

Prevent Large Equity Withdrawals

By knowing which accounts are about to make large withdrawals your sales traders can intervene when it matter most.

Improve Customer Lifetime Value

By retaining your customers for longer than your competitors your will see more activity with higher equity, and ultimately greater customer lifetime value.

Prevent Client Inactivity

Knowing which clients are about to become inactive before they stop trading allows your sales and retention teams to maintain the relationship before the client stops trading.

Improve Rentention Efficiency

Knowing exactly which accounts to focus on allows your retentions teams to prioritise which accounts they spend their valuable time with in order to maximise their results.


We are more than happy to answer your questions on a demo call but here are a few of the frequently asked ones.

We need an MT4 manager login to collect trading and deposit data. For the off-the-shelf option we require no other data. We advise Enterprise customers to go for a marketing and CRM integration so we can model trading patterns and communication engagement for better results.

We support Metatrader 4 (MT4) only at this time. We do have some Metatrader 5 (MT5) integration work underway but we do not have a release date as yet.

The predictions are displayed in the SpreadDoctor portal and you can optionally export these to CSV. If you require integration into your CRM we can arrange for this with a small integration fee.

We suggest A/B testing on half of your client list to start with. By doing this we can give you an accurate performance measure for your particular customers and how your team are using the predictions. We also provide updated machine learning performance in the portal.

We would love to. The better the data, the better the predictions. Marketing data, client location and demographics are most helpful. There is an expense associated with this as we will need to integreate into additional systems and rebuild the model. For enterprise customers this is highly advisable.

We are able to leverage big data technology to keep our costs down and we feel we should pass those savings on to you. By retaining as little as one customer you can cover your costs, the next one gives you more than a 100% ROI.


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