Data Consultancy

Using our FX expertise and data know-how to meet your business needs.

What we do

Data consultancy to meet any FX business need, tailored to you.

Data Dashboards

Put critical up-to-the minute information in front of your team to keep them driving at the right goals.

Data Lake

Give your storage layer the flexibility to grow as your business grows where traditional methods fail.

Data Warehouses

Enable fast realtime reporting with data warehouses that centralise your most critical relational data.

Cloud Environments set-up & maintenance

Harness the flexibility of on-demand cloud resources at scale by migrating your work-flows to AWS.

CRM integrations

By connecting your critical systems to your CRM you can activate dynamic marketing automation on meaningful triggers.

Customer Churn & Analytics

Get insight into which customers are most likely withdraw or deactivate.

Software Engineering & Web Development

Bespoke applications as per your requirements from client portals to application forms.

Data Pipelines & Enrichment

Enriching your data from raw systems output into gold nuggets to drive your reporting.

Custom Machine Learning Projects

Prediction, classification and clustering. Sales forecasts, customer classification and trader similarity.

... and much more!

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Your outsourced
data team.

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Fast. Flexible.

We help you drive value

Let data unleash your business’ full potential.


over your critical metrics.

02Power to be nimble

for a competitive edge.

03Data-led decisions

mean you make the right call.

How We Work

Once you’re signed off on our obligation-free quote, we get to work.

Understand the data

This includes a white boarding session from which we'll put together a Statement of Work.

Staged Deliverables

We work to staged deliverables to give you work in a timely manner and ensure it's just how you want it.

Project checkpoint

See the progress of work and give us feedback so we can make any adjustments to meet your needs.

Final presentation

We present our work to you to give final feedback & make necessary amends.


The data is all yours. We handover the final work, including any integration to ensure it all runs smoothly.

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