Our Team

Experienced and Friendly.

Analytical People.

We come from technology, data and finance backgrounds which makes us uniquely placed to solve the problems in our space.

Lachlan Ratjens
Managing Director
Kundan Reddy
Head of Business Development
Data Scientist and Engineer
Ameer Ali Khan
Technical Lead
Data Sciene and Engineering
Rahul Vishwakarma
Data Scientist and Engineer
Praharsh Mishra
Web Developer
Mumbai Office

Our Skills.

We have a strong focus on using data to solve problems.

Foreign Exchange

Our experience working inside FX brokers allows us to have a shared understanding of the pressures brokers face. This means we can get to the heart of the problem quickly and solve it accurately.

Risk Management

We have an inhouse designated Financial Risk Manager, accredited by the Global Association of Risk Professionals. This is a very difficult designation to acquire (similar to CFA). This allows us to offer comprehensive risk products.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is at the heart of our core competencies. Being able to predict client PNL enables us to deliver superior results to our clients by hedging clients at the right time. We are a team of Data Scientists when it comes down to it.

Data Engineering

All Data Science projects start and end with data engineering. It is a necessary component that is often overlooked which will be the undoing of many data projects. Our data engineers provide the stability we need.

Solutions Architecture

We have an inhouse accredited AWS Solutions Architect which means we build production-grade systems with best-practice security, cost and efficiency. This keeps our time to delivery low and our up-time high.

Web Development

It's critical to get our predictions into the hands of the staff and the inside the systems that need them the most. We can deliver our predictions through our Web Portal and directly into databases or data lakes.

Our Technology.

Choosing the right technology enables us to deliver superior results in less time.

Python and PySpark

Our models require up to 500gb of data in memory and we need results quickly. This wouldn't be possible without using Apache Spark's distributed computation. Partnering Spark with Python gives us incredible flexibility in our solutions and means we can be fast to market with new ideas.


Keras enables us to use cutting edge deep learning architectures to solve our machine learning problems. In using this approach we are able to explain a lot more of the variation in the data than we would be able to with more traditional machine learning approaches.


With AWS as our core technology partner we are able to spin up and drop our Elastic Map Reduce clusters with minimal footprint and minimal cost. We use our S3 data lake as the backbone our our data pipelines along with Glue for our ETL processing.